Monday, October 18, 2010

The long post...

It has been long since i last posted here, as i've been asked and answered, i blog when i am in a very terrible mood.

It has been long, indeed, because i nearly forgot my blog id...but yes of course i finally got it through.

Am i now in a terrible mood? Yes and no.

Why? all started with so much looking forward for a nice weekend concert, and i went to a press conference, and i was asked to be a host, and i finally went on stage, and i got down with some regrets on things that i've said, and i rushed to the second event, sitting with a group of people who don't really talk to us, and finally i was home, thought i ended this long day.

And the longest day ever, started.

And seriously, this is why i am typing my blog in English, for the first time i guess, to start my English lesson from all of you, that should have started long time ago.

I was the one who always ask people to look forward for something, and i was the one who actually ______(1) their hope. I know exactly how they feel when they type those words, and i feel really bad because i can't do anything about it but to say sorry. That's really terrible. I was even more mad when i made some racism comments which i didn't mean it at all. My wall was full of everyone's comments, both likes and hates, both support and _____(2).

I felt really down, as if my heart was too heavy to move. And i hate it when i really feel like crying, my tears don't.

So i went for a movie- Eat, Pray, Love. Watching a movie provide me a good chance to cry.


I did feel much better after talking to my friends and the movie, and i summarize it.

I made mistakes, i apologize, i move on, and i learnt.

Thanks for everything- support, believe in me, and your cheers.

I might be good, but I can be better.

So do me a favour, i can't (or rather i don't know) think of any words in (1) and (2), can someone please help?